The Bechdel Sound Test is a collective that is dedicated to celebrating female-fronted music. We put on events for anyone who likes to go dancing in a friendly, non judgemental environment. Unlike other Club nights, all genres are allowed from Indie to Hip Hop, and Disco to Grime. We’re always looking for DJs and to play, as well as volunteers and collaborators so please get in touch if you’d like to be involved – email: thebechdelsoundtest@gmail.com

Bechdel Crew

Lisa Connolly – Founder

Lisa is a self-confessed music and film nerd, who was inspired by all female line up in Big Brother, the #metoo movement, and the realisation that her Spotify playlists consisted mainly of incredible female artists, most of which were not getting the recognition they deserved. She approached Book & Record Bar to ask whether she could host a night for International Women’s Day and the rest is history.

Bechdel Heroes: Kathleen Hana, Kim Gordon, Janelle Monae & Karen O to name a few…

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